Accor ALL UK & Germany Gift Cards Sale With 20% Bonus Until November 28, 2022


Accor has launched a gift card sale for stays at participating hotels in the UK and Germany.

Accor Live Limitless (ALL) members can purchase GBP and EUR gift cards with a 20% bonus loaded through November 28, 2022.

Note that GBP gift cards are valid for 12 months and EUR ones in Germany are valid for three years.

You can access a list of participating hotels in the UK (access here) and Germany (access here).

You cannot use gift cards for rates that require a prepayment, so these work best for Best Flexible-type bookings.

I have no personal experience using Accor gift cards and how familiar hotels are with them.

Purchasing ALL Gift Cards

How can I pay for my ALL Gift Card?

Ordering a gift card is simple! Make your purchase online through our secure order form. We accept the following selected payment methods: Visa and Mastercard.

What amounts are ALL Gift Cards available in? Can I buy several ALL Gift Cards at a time?

ALL Gift Cards can be purchased for any amount with a minimum of 20 GBP and a maximum of 250 GBP. You can order several gift cards in one transaction.

Can I order an ALL Gift Card and have it delivered directly to a friend or family member?

Yes in the delivery details section you can enter your friend’s email address to receive directly the PDF ALL Gift Card. The system will send a confirmation email to the purchaser and another email with the PDF gift card to the gift card recipient right away. If you prefer to send the gift card at a later stage, you can enter your own email address in the delivery details section so you can print and give to your loved one whenever you want.

Can I write a personal message on the ALL Gift Card?

Yes, you can have a personal message written on the ALL Gift Card. Please fill the dedicated box on the form when purchasing the gift card.

What if I did not receive my gift card and/or confirmation on my purchase?

Most emails filter emails automatically and your ALL Gift Card can sometimes go directly into spam. Sometimes a gift card is also interpreted as a marketing email and categorized accordingly. In case you have not received the confirmation or your ALL Gift Card email, please check your spam and junk folder. If after checking your spam and junk folder you still don’t have received the confirmation email, you can contact our Customer Care team by phone at +441224398802 or via email at

Using my ALL Gift card

Where can I use my ALL Gift Cards?

You can use your ALL Gift Card in all participating hotels in United Kingdom. The value on the card can be redeemed at checkout towards your room bill. ALL Gift Cards shall be used for any kind of services provided by an Accor participating hotel but shall always include one night in this hotel. Participating hotels may change from time to time – please refer to the participating hotels page for an updated list. Please refer to the ALL Gift Cards Terms of Use

How long is my ALL Gift Card valid?

ALL Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The validity period and expiry date are shown on your card PDF. Please refer to the ALL Gift Cards Terms of Use.

How do I use my ALL Gift Card to make a booking at a hotel?

Booking your accommodation is easy! Step 1 – Visit our participating hotels list and select the hotel you wish to stay at. Step 2 – Book your hotel as usual, either online, on the phone or directly at the hotel. You can’t pay with your gift card at the time of booking, you can only redeem it at checkout Remember to take your ALL Gift Card with you and present it to Reception upon check in. The hotel will confirm the value and validity of your card. Please again present your ALL gift card on check out to make full or part payment on your room account.

Will I be guaranteed to get the dates and accommodation I want?

Reservations at participating hotels are subject to availability at the time of reservation. Room allocations fill quickly during special events, school holidays, public holidays and weekends and no guarantee can be given that an allocated room will be available at any participating hotel or for the days that a customer may prefer.

Can I use my ALL Gift Card in Asia, Europe, Africa or America?

The ALL Gift Card purchased on can only be used at participating hotels in United Kingdom. The ALL Gift Card is also non-transferrable, so we are unable to exchange the voucher for a voucher for any other region. Please refer to the ALL Gift Cards Terms of Use.

Is there anything I can’t use my ALL Gift Card for?

Yes, some restrictions apply. You must be a staying guest of the hotel to use your ALL Gift Card. The Gift Card can be redeemed for any room bill, including for a package. However, the booking must be made via direct channel only, only at the participating hotel. The card cannot be redeemed against a third party such as for instance travel agency or OTA booking. The card cannot be redeemed for the purchase of Gift Cards. Please refer to the ALL Gift Cards Terms of Use.

Do I need to print out my ALL Gift Card in order to redeem it or can I show the card in my mobile device?

It’s up to you! You can either present the printed version of the gift card PDF you have received or show the gift card PDF on your mobile device. You can also redeem your gift card by presenting the gift card number.

Can I redeem my ALL Gift Card in several parts?

Yes you can redeem your ALL Gift Card amount all at once or partially. Please mention it to the hotel when you redeem it. Your ALL Gift Card can be used a number of times at multiple properties within the validity period until the balance reaches zero.

How can I check the balance of my ALL Gift Card?

When redeeming you ALL Gift Card in hotel, you can ask to know the remaining balance on your ALL Gift Card. You can also ask Customer Care to get this information by contacting them by phone at +441224398802 or via email at

I am an ALL – Accor Live Limitless programme member, can I earn points with my ALL Gift Card?

The ALL Gift Card recipient can earn Reward points when redeeming his/her ALL Gift Card, if his/her reservation is eligible to earn points, in accordance with the Membership T&Cs. If the Buyer is a member of ALL – Accor Live Limitless programme, he/she cannot use his/her points to purchase the Gift Card. The Buyer cannot earn ALL – Accor Live Limitless programme points when purchasing a Gift Card, except in the case of a special and temporary offer for which the conditions for earning points and the number of Reward points to be credited will be detailed at the time of purchase. Please refer to the ALL Gift Cards Terms of Use.

Can I extend the validity of my ALL Gift Card?

No, your ALL Gift Card is only valid until the expiry date. After this time the card will be deactivated and any unused credit will be lost. Please refer to the ALL Gift Cards Terms of Use.

Can I return or refund my ALL Gift Card?

Gift Cards cannot be returned or refunded. Please refer to the ALL Gift Cards Terms of Use.

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