Accor Launches “ALL Signature” Subscription Service In Brazil


Accor has several subscription programs right now; there is Accor Plus for stays in Asia-Pacific that come with a free night certificate and discounts, one for ibis stays and another for business travelers.

Now, another is popping up in Brazil soon called “ALL Signature,” which will come with points subscription, status accelerator, partner transfer bonuses, and the ability to transfer points to friends & family.

You can access ALL Signature here.

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Accor’s Current Subscription Programs:

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Accor ALL Signature:

It is unclear how much the yearly fee will be. There is a paired-down webpage that has some information about the ALL Signature.

  • Points Subscription
  • Points Never Expire
  • Status Accelerator
  • Elite Experiences
  • Partner Transfer Bonuses
  • Transferring Points To Friends & Family

A form on ALL Signature collects your name, email address, and phone number.

They use Microsoft FORMS?

Let’s see what and when I hear back from them.


It is interesting to see what this subscription entails. I would imagine that there will be several packages that allow you to earn a fixed number of points every month for a fee, based on similar offers from many airlines.

The issue is that Accor ALL points have a fixed value, and it doesn’t make sense to buy them unless Accor sells them at a significant discount (50% off).

The status accelerator might be of interest to members. However, it remains to be seen if they give ALL Signature members a fast track or set number of nights every year.

Accor Plus in Asia-Pacific comes with a free night certificate and 50% off dining; that doesn’t appear to be the case here. Instead, Accor seems to emphasize the point subscription part with ALL Signature.

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