Aegean Launches genAIRation For 18 – 25 Year Olds


Aegean has launched a new genAIRation program for 18 to 25-year-old members of its Miles+Bonus frequent flyer one.

Members of genAIRation get flight discounts, free bags and inflight internet, and bonus miles on select flights.

You can access this offer on Aegean’s website here.

15% Discount on Flights

Free Checked Luggage

Free WiFi

50% Pet Discount


It makes sense for Aegean flyers in this 18 to 25-year-old age group to sign up for this program and collect the benefits. Nothing to lose, really.

Here are the frequently asked questions by Aegean:

What is genAIRation AEGEAN?

GenAIRation AEGEAN is the new travel company created by AEGEAN exclusively for people aged 18-25. As a member you will always have an extra 15% discount on your ticket prices, as well as other services and benefits exclusively for you!

What are the benefits of joining genAIRation?

With genAIRation AEGEAN, you will always have a 15% discount to travel at lower prices to all destinations in our network and live all the experiences you have been dreaming of. The best part is that you can combine these with the other offers that are available at that time. Also, you’ll have free Wi-Fi for chatting on all your flights, 23kg of free baggage for two of your flights, a 50% discount to travel with your pet and many more surprises and offers just for you!

How will I get the genAIRation benefits?

The permanent discounts, the benefits, the offers and the competitions are offered exclusively to genAIRation AEGEAN members! To enjoy them, log in to your account and upload a photo of your ID or passport. We will need a few minutes to check it and then you are ready! Your identification document must match the registration form you have completed (name, surname, age).

Can i be a member of genAIRation and Miles+Bonus at the same time?

We have already taken care of that! genAIRation members enjoy all the benefits of Miles+Bonus, and all Miles+Bonus members (between 18- 25 years old) are also members of genAIRation. The tiers, the miles, the coupons and the benefits of Miles+Bonus are not affected. You can access both with your log in details.

How do I book a ticket with genAIRations’ discounts?

Are you a genAIRation member and ready for a trip? Log in to your account, fill in the genAIRation page and search through the booking engine for the destination you want to book. Remember! you will only get the discount of 15% on your ticket prices to travel in all AEGEAN and Olympic Air network either in Greece or Abroad – if you are logged in to your account. genAIRation AEGEAN discounts are only for you, as a member of this amazing travileing group! Log in to the genAIRation page and book your flight (your details will already be filled in). Share the news with your friends and hopefully they will book their tickets as well.

Can I book a ticket in any fare category?

You can choose the Economy Class fare category that best suits your needs. The fare categories available through genAIRation AEGEAN are Light, Flex and Comfort flex.

How can I use my coupons?

One of the benefits of being a genAIRation member is the vouchers you get to make your trips even better! The coupons with a discount on the ticket price must be added when you make your booking, in the “Discount code” field. You can use the coupons for other services either when you make the booking, in the “Discount code” field, or at any time after you’ve made the booking. Go to the AEGEAN home page and then “My Booking”.

What is “My ❤ destination?

To reward frequent travels to a specific destination, we created “My ❤ destination” . You can select the destination you travel most and you will get 50% more miles on each flight, after the third trip. Each year you may select a new favourite destination (or not ?).

Will I remain a genAIRation member after I turn 26?

When you are 26 years old, unfortuntalty you will no longer be a member of genAIRation AEGEAN. However, you will continue to enjoy the benefits and offers of AEGEAN and Miles+Bonus.

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