AFotD [PremEcon] DELTA WAS to AMS from $1,028


Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to Delta Air Lines and their basic season premium economy advance purchase fares for round trip travel departing from Washington DC (IAD/DCA/BWI), United States to Amsterdam (AMS), Netherlands.


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fare: DELTA (DL) GLDX06P1 WAS to AMS

SEASONAL RESTRICTIONS: outbound – permitted 18JAN 22 through 07APR 22 or 23OCT 22 through 16NOV 22 or 20NOV 22 through 13DEC 22 or 24DEC 22 through 31MAR 23 or 23OCT 23 through 16NOV 23 or 21NOV 23 through 14DEC 23 or 24DEC 23 through 31DEC 23 for each transatlantic sector; inbound – permitted 18JAN 22 through 07APR 22 or 30OCT 22 through 25NOV 22 or 29NOV 22 through 27DEC 22 or 09JAN 23 through 06APR 23 or 30OCT 23 through 24NOV 23 or 29NOV 23 through 25DEC 23 for each transatlantic sector.
BLACKOUT DATES: outbound travel is not permitted 27MAY 22 through 03SEP 22; inbound travel is not permitted 03JUN 22 through 10SEP 22.
SALES RESTRICTIONS: no sales end date.

  • Booking class: G/W
  • Price: from $1,028 ($909 base fare + taxes & surcharges).
  • Day/time restrictions: -/-
  • Advanced reservation/ticketing restrictions: -/-
  • Minimum stay: until the first Sunday after arrival at turnaround.
  • Maximum stay: 1 month.
  • Stopovers: unlimited stopovers permitted at $800 each.
  • Cancellations: ticket is non-refundable.
  • Changes: changes permitted for reissue/revalidation.
  • Airline’s COVID19 policy: access here.


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