Alaska Airlines New Mileage Plan Partner Airline In Early 2023: Mokulele Airlines


Alaska Airlines is launching a partnership in early 2023 with a Hawaiian airline called Mokulele Airlines.

Mokulele Airlines helps Alaska Airlines and its Mileage Plan members to travel within Hawaii and make easier connections to flights back to the continental US.

You can access Alaska’s page for the announcement here.

Limited Benefits:

– Flights on Mokulele will be available for purchase directly on That addition to our website will happen early next year.

– Mileage Plan members who purchase tickets directly on will earn miles when flying on Mokulele.

Only Mokulele flights purchased on the Alaska Airlines website are eligible for Mileage Plan credit.

Mokulele’s Route Map:


There is no word on the release if Mileage Plan members can also use their miles for flights on Mokulele; that surely is not an unintended omission.

The partnership helps Alaska Airlines frequent fliers connect within Hawaiian islands while earning a small number of miles.

There is no set date when this partnership will launch beyond “early 2023,” which probably means before the end of May.

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