American Airlines AAdvantage “Instant Status Pass” Promotion Now Live For Targeted Accounts


American Airlines AAdvantage has made a new promotion available to its members called Instant Status Pass, which offers (as the name suggests) instant, complimentary tier status up to Platinum Pro and possibly Executive Platinum as well.

Members have four months following the registration to earn a specific amount of Loyalty Points (dependent on their tier offer) in order to qualify for the next stages of the promotion.

American Airlines has experimented with various status-related campaigns for the past two years to keep the customers engaged, and accounts were targeted in different ways.

As always, you can find your personal offer under the Promotions tab after logging into the account:

The type of tier offered (IF your account is targeted) will likely depend on your current status as well as possibly the link of your AAdvantage Account to their partner World of Hyatt, although the T&C don’t mention Hyatt being associated with this particular offer.

Here is my offer which I received as AAdvantage Gold Lifetime, with very few Loyalty Points this year:

I registered and the account was instantly upgraded from Gold to Platinum Pro which will now remain for four months:

The rules for this campaign are as follows:

Instant Status Pass™ Rules:

With Instant Status Pass™, members will receive status immediately after registering and receive Loyalty Point activity requirements every 4 months in order to keep the benefits of the Instant Status Pass™.

To earn status for the next membership year, you must meet all 3 Loyalty Point activity requirements. All Loyalty Points are eligible for Instant Status Pass™ requirements.

Registrants will have the opportunity to upgrade their Instant Status Pass™ based on their Loyalty Points earned during the first 4 months. To continue with at least AAdvantage Gold® status, you must earn 10,000 Loyalty Points in the first 4 months of Instant Status Pass™.

It’s unlikely though that I’ll be able to extend this as I don’t fly much on paid tickets anymore and even if I’d probbaly not credit them to AAdvantage.

Platinum Pro is a solid status that’s very helpful, especially for domestic U.S. travel as far as upgrade clearance is concerned. Platinum Pro is one level below Executive Platinum so chanced to actually get upgraded on some routes are decent, contrary to AAdvantage Gold or Platinum where I haven’t received upgrades for a long time to the point where all my 30+ e500 upgrade certificates expired worthless and American had converted them into useless loyalty points.

American Airlines Boarding Pass

As luck would have it I’m not planning to visit the U.S. anymore within the next six months so the usefulness of this campaign on my account will go towards zero. Hopefully others have more luck!

I wonder if some have received instant Executive Platinum status through this, considering that I got Platinum Pro as a simple Lifetime Gold member!?


There is now a new campaign live on American Airlines AAdvantage accounts that offers to upgrade the members tier status to a considerably higher level for a 4-month period.

This Instant Status Pass promotion then required the member to collect sufficient loyalty points to keep the tier active for another year. Even if one doesn’t plan to fulfill these requirements, it could still be a nice perk to have a high AAdvantage status on the account, especially during the upcoming holidays if one is planning to travel.

Check your account if you’re tageted and please comment below if by any chance, you have received an offer for Executive Platinum!

These are the Terms & Conditions for the Instant Status Pass promotion:

This promotion is only open to select American Airlines AAdvantage® members Your complimentary AAdvantage® status will be valid within 24 hours of registeringLoyalty Points accrued through travel or other partners before registration do not count toward the requirements for this promotionAll base miles earned from flying Loyalty Point-qualifying airlines (flights marketed by American Airlines, oneworld® airlines, JetBlue, and GOL Airlines). Includes all status bonuses earned flying on American Airlines and eligible partner airlinesQualifying eligible flights may be purchased in any fare that earns Loyalty Points in the AAdvantage® programEligible purchases, defined as purchases (including those made by authorized users on your account), less credits, returns and adjustments, made with your:

  • Citi® / AAdvantage®, AAdvantage® Aviator® credit card, and AAdvantage® cards issued outside the U.S. that post as base miles to your AAdvantage® account

Registration is required during the registration window. Must meet Loyalty Point activity requirement every 4 months to continue with this promotion and keep status benefitsOnce you complete all 3 phases in the Instant Status Pass™ you will be granted status for the next membership year immediately following the membership year in which you registeredLoyalty Points are subject to the standard AAdvantage® program terms and conditionsAmerican Airlines may, at any time and without notice, change, stop or end this promotion in part or in fullAAdvantage® miles examples that do not count towards earning Loyalty Points:

  • Bonus miles earned from promotions, Miles from Buy, Gift, Transfer transactions, government taxes, fees and other charges associated with buying a ticket
  • Conversion of another program currency to AAdvantage® miles
  • For AAdvantage® credit cards, “accelerators” or “multipliers” such as: extra miles for purchases in specific categories, with specific merchants, or purchases made abroad
  • AAdvantage® credit cards new account or welcome bonuses, spend bonuses, etc.

Some postings may take up to 6-8 weeks to post, please call AAdvantage® customer service if you feel there are any discrepancies in your Loyalty Point accrualCustomers may not participate in an offer for the same or lower status during the same membership year and if the customer has enrolled in Instant Status Pass™ in the previous 24 months, they will not be eligible to enroll in this promotionYou must re-qualify for AAdvantage® status membership annually

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