American Airlines Status Buy Up Offers


On March 31, 2022, American Airlines expired tiers of those that didn’t qualify under the 2021 requirements and has now sent out emails offering them to keep or up the status through March 2023.

I received one of these emails yesterday as my Executive Platinum didn’t renew, as I hadn’t had any flights with American in 2021.

You can see if American has a status boost offer for you here.

Email From American:

The email is incorrect, stating that my AAdvantage Platinum would expire in March 2023, as it won’t. I became a two million miler sometime in the 2010s and have a lifetime Platinum (Oneworld Sapphire) as a result.

The email is light on the essential information, how much the Platinum Pro or Executive Platinum would cost!


I could use either cash or miles, or perhaps a combination of both (based on the email). There is not much difference between Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum price.

The email then lists the benefits of these two tiers.


Even if I hadn’t Gold with BA (Oneworld Emerald), I don’t believe that Platinum Pro or Executive Platinum is worth the price AA asks here UNLESS you are sure that you would qualify for the tier.

I was Executive Platinum for a few years when I lived in the States and made it to the two million miles with the program mainly from Travel Package conversions from Marriott.

Remember those days when all miles earned counted towards the lifetime tiers?

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