American Express Membership Rewards To Hilton Honors 30% Conversion Bonus Through April 30, 2023


American Express and its Membership Rewards program conversion partners often run promotions to incentivize transfers.

Membership Rewards (US) to Hilton Honors conversions are bonused by 30% if executed April 1 – 30, 2023.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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We have covered when and how you should use Hilton Honors points several times, and American Express offering a 30% bonus for converting points doesn’t mean you should do that.

Hilton has points capped in place for standard rooms at all hotels, but at the same time, the standard room point costs are very high in many hotels compared to paid rates.

  • Minimum Transfer: 1,000 points
  • Maximum Transfer: 3,000,000 points

We are usually left with two scenarios when using Honors points is a sound choice:

1. Paid Rates Are High

When paid rates are astronomical and standard rooms are still available, you can redeem them at the set rate.

2. Aspirational Properties

You can save significantly using your points at Hilton’s most sought-after properties in the Maldives, Seychelles, French Polynesia, and even Mexico.


I would not convert points from a flexible program into a partner one unless I have a clear plan of when and where to burn them.

You should not just convert when there is a conversion bonus.

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