American Express Platinum Travel Discontinued In Select Markets


American Express has been dramatically challenged with its travel booking service as of late, with wait times lasting for hours on the phone and the website not working as intended (white label of Expedia).

Now, American Express has decided to discontinue travel booking services in select markets (Nordics) and asks members to book Fine Hotels & Resorts or the Hotel Collection properties by filling out a random web form.

American Express promises to get back to you in two days, and you are supposed to send the request using their Experience App.

However, the link on the app resolves to a random web page with an online form.


Not sure if American Express has decided that the Platinum Travel Service is not worth the headache and will eventually discontinue the service?

The email that American Express sent to Platinum cardholders in the Nordics is evident that they won’t focus on travel booking services in the future.

Using this form to book is utterly ridiculous. How are you supposed to know what hotels, where and what prices are available?

Thank god there are still travel agents around that can nook Virtuoso and other consortia rates that come with similar benefits,

Shame on Amex!

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