American Express Platinum (U.S.) Has Added Hertz Presidents Circle Status As New Benefit


There is a new, actually useful, benefit that American Express just added for their Platinum Card members as they can now enroll for Hertz Presidents Circle membership.

The generic signup page made available by Hertz is actually open to all entries and doesn’t verify current Platinum card membership so I guess everyone can just sign up.

Hertz Presidents Circle is the only useful status with the company aside from Platinum (which is very hard to get, especially since the pay option disappeared).

You can access the landing page of Hertz for Amex Platinum Members here.

The link is identical to the one in the Amex Platinum benefits tab but as we can see there is no validator in between, so anyone can sign up with it.

According to the footnote, the requested Presidents Circle status will be active within 24-72 hours of enrollment.

You can also email Hertz directly if there are any problems, their contact for any kind of status matches is: !

Hertz Presidents Circle is a useful status but your experience with the company largely depends on where you rent from them. I also feel that the quality of the vehicles has suffered over the years both in terms of models and mileage (high).


Amex has a range of benefits and status matches attached to the portfolio of the Platinum charge card but this one might be one of the more useful options (probably the best together with Hilton Gold).

As Presidents Circle you can usually pick from the Gold Choice Presidents Circle section at larger locations and that requires a minimum of a midsize reservation. At smaller locations it’s really luck of the draw and even at the Gold Choice locations like larger airports you often have to wait around until a nice vehicle shows up.

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