American Express (U.S.) Membership Rewards 40% Transfer Bonus For British Airways Executive Club Through May 15, 2022


American Express Membership Rewards has returned their popular Avios points transfer bonus for U.S. cardholders, offering a whopping 40% bonus on mileage transfers to British Airways Executive Club.

This offer is around on average twice per year with varying bonus amount and this particular 40% offer is in line with previous campaigns we’ve seen.

American Express offers these bonus conversions on a revolving basis throughout the year and in various countries (different transfer conditions apply to each country’s Membership Rewards program so check your personal offers online).

This current 40% British Airways transfer bonus is targeted at U.S.-based Membership Rewards members and can be found in the online account under the Membership Rewards section.

The bonus will be visible when entering the amount you wish to transfer on the Membership Rewards page:

A 40% boost is very attractive for a points transfer even though British Airways isn’t the best program around for Premium Award redemptions in many cases. I like that you can book pretty much anything online with BAEC without having to involve a phone agent, waiting several hours on some hotline.

Since last month, members of Qatar Airways Privilege and British Airways Executive Club can also move points between the individual account as QR moved their own currency to Avios as well:

Moving Avios Between British Airways & Qatar Airways Accounts

There are now very lucrative Qatar Airways redemption options on the BAEC website that might be worthwhile taking a look at.

The maximum bonus we’ve seen over the years has been 50% so this campaign is pretty good and I’d definitely consider doing a transfer if awards on oneWorld at BAEC’s prices are a viable option.


This could be a fantastic opportunity for those with many Amex points in their account to offload them to British Airways Executive Club and book suitable flights, especially the recently loaded Qatar Airways options rather than BA itself.

Keep in mind though that BAEC will levy fuel surcharges on most connections, especially those operated by British Airways themselves. Being able to book one-ways online and with very little advance notice up to the last minute (except Cathay Pacific) is a huge plus for Executive Club transfers.

The following are the Terms & Conditions for the Amex Transfer Promotion to BAEC:

You must be enrolled in British Airways Executive Club in order to participate in this offer. Visit to enroll. American Express is not responsible for availability of flight, accommodations or any other rewards in the British Airways Executive Club. Once you have transferred Membership Rewards points, they become subject to the Terms and Conditions of British Airways Executive Club and cannot be transferred back to your Membership Rewards program account. Reward flights and cabin upgrades are subject to availability. Taxes, fees and carrier charges apply to British Airways flights. See British Airways Executive Club Terms and Conditions for details. Individual air carrier restrictions may apply.

Minimum transfer is 1,000 Membership Rewards points. Redeem for this exclusive offer until 11:59 p.m. MT on May 15, 2022, to receive 40% additional Avios. Additional Avios will be awarded at the time of transfer.

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