ANA Lounge Access At Haneda Airport Now Has 6:00 PM Curfew For Priority Pass Holders “Due To Capacity”


About a year ago, Priority Pass and ANA All Nippon Airways started a partnership, adding a range of ANA Lounges to the lounge membership network for cardholders to visit.

With traffic and demand for lounge access picking up again there were some complaints that ANA had started to deny members access to the lounges despite being listed as available in the directory.

It appears that ANA has now implemented a curfew for members after which there is no longer admittance to certain lounge locations such as Tokyo-Haneda’s International Terminal 3.

According to a sign at the lounge entrance, cardholders of Priority Pass and LoungeKey can access the ANA Lounge between 11 am and 6 pm:

Outside these hours, ANA claims that due to capacity reasons they can not admit memhers of the two lounge programs into the lounge. They do have a point though, the lounges are really full.

You can access the main Priority Pass website here where the description isn’t exactly identical to the way ANA describes access:

Opening Hours

05:00 – last flight Note: Based on ANA operated scheduled flights. Cardholders do not have access to the lounge between 05:00 – 11:00 daily.

The website conveniently omits that members can’t access after 18:00h either. Just the limitation until 11 am is mentioned.

I wouldn’t necessarily fault Priority Pass for this, as I wrote recently many of their partners simply don’t update the directory or make up their own rules:

Problems With The Priority Pass Directory As Many Closed Partner Lounges Don’t Update Their Entries

I think the situation with the ANA Lounge at Haneda is a similar case. I’d be interested to see what kind of signage is currently displayed at the Narita Lounges. According to the website there shouldn’t be any limitations, yet readers write they didn’t get admitted there either.

Considering the experience many have made I wouldn’t count on ANA keeping their entries current either. I really wonder why airlines continue to work with Priority Pass when they apparently don’t want to or can’t accommodate these customers.


Priority Pass customers wishing to visit the partner ANA at the Tokyo-Haneda location can only do so between 11am-6pm according to signage now displayed at the airport. The main peak departure banks in the morning and late evening are off-limits.

It’s most unfortunate that many of these partners aren’t properly updating their opening times, closures, or limitations/curfews with the Priority Pass program. ANA does have a point, though; their lounges get extremely busy to the point where it’s hard even to find a seat.

According to our contacts with the company (Collinson), partners have to contact Priority Pass in order to keep the directories entry current. It’s pretty much impossible to monitor/police this from a distance.

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