Apologies: Qantas Extends Frequent Flyer Elite Tiers By An Additional 12 Months + Other Goodies


This morning, Qantas has announced further status support for elite members of its Frequent Flyer program as part of an apology effort for the carrier’s poor performance in 2022.

CEO Alan Joyce approached customers in a big way during recent weeks, hanging his head in shame and this status extension is one of the ways how the carrier wants to get back in the good graces.

According to several Australian news sources and the Executive Traveler, Qantas sent out an email to QFF members this morning containing a message from Alan Joyce and highlighting the benefits members can expect in the coming weeks, including yet another status extension.

Alan Joyce’s statement in the video is:

… ‘Over the past few months, too many of you have had flights delayed, flights canceled and bags misplaced.’

‘There are good reasons why, but when it comes to what you expect from Qantas, it’s not good enough. On behalf of the national carrier, I want to apologize and assure you that we’re working hard to get back to our best.’

The key offer: ’12 months status extension across tiered members Silver and above to continue to enjoy the benefits associated with their tier for another year.’ …

Keep in mind that Qantas has already extended the status of their QFF members several times, most recently in February:

Qantas Extends Membership Tiers Expiring Through End Of 2022 By 12 Months

This already allows QFF members to keep their status through to as far out as December 2023 as long as they credit a single Qantas/Jetstar flight to the account.

No details have been revealed yet for how long this apology extension will last. One would assume through all of 2023 or the entire 2024, even without taking a flight? The airline should release more about this in the coming days.

There are more goodies laid out in the video (which, by the way, isn’t available on Youtube or the QF website yet).

  1. A ‘$50 off’ promotional code for Australian and New Zealand-based Qantas Frequent Flyer members to redeem towards a return Qantas flight ;
  2. Award seat enhancements “of up to 50% more reward seat availability on Qantas International, trans-Tasman and popular domestic routes up until 30 June 2023” ;
  3. Qantas Lounge invitation coupons are given to members to either use themselves or offer to someone else. Gold QFF members will receive an invitation to a Qantas Domestic Business Lounge, Silver members get invited to the Qantas Club or the international Business Lounge ;
  4. A deposit of Qantas Points for Platinum and Platinum One members (no amount specified)

A lot of this is vague and requires more information, so we have to sit tight for now.


Qantas operations have been in shambles throughout the whole of 2022, a situation that management blames on staff shortages and other factors. They even rolled out a program where managers will change from pushing papers to working as baggage handlers on a voluntary basis, an initiative that has has received widespread ridicule and which the unions condemned as “dangerous” as the executives didn’t have sufficient training.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce now addressed customers directly through an email containing a video where he once more apologized and offered certain benefits to Frequent Flyer members. Those benefits include yet another status extension, vouchers, lounge invitations, and free points depending on the member’s tier level.

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