British Airways Executive Club Email About 20 Years Of Membership!


British Airways Executive Club dropped an email yesterday thanking me for being a member of the program for 20 years!

BA is correct that time definitely does fly. I remember why I joined the program 20 years ago (those WT+ fares from the US to anywhere in Europe for $100), the reason I took a break and only reactivated once they bought BMI and had to merge accounts not to lose my Diamond Club miles.

You can access BA’s My Flight Path here.

BA’s Email:

The link on the email resolves to BA My Flight Path service that can bring up your flight activity for a few years:

It seems that the web page only displays BA’s flights and not any of those operated by partners and credited to the program. Also, the page cannot pull up the earlier flights and merely errors out, like the airline usually does.


My plan with BA’s Executive Club is to continue crediting flights there until I hit 35,000 tier points and Lifetime Gold, as this maps to Oneworld Emerald status.

Although I have a Gold Guest List with BA, I don’t feel any bit of being “loyal” to them. I have credited and will continue to credit the flights to the program that makes sense, and that’s it.

What is your lifetime progress with BA?

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