British Airways Executive Club Moving To Revenue Based Program In 2023


Iberia Plus announced today that it would start awarding Avios based on ticket price rather than miles flown in November 2022 (practically no advance notice).

This would leave British Airways the only IAG-owned airline that gives Avios based on the distance flown, but there was information buried in the Iberia’s press release that BA will also roll this out in 2023.

You can access BA here.

Relevant Part Of The Iberia’s Release:

Ian Romanis, Head of Retail and Customer Relationship Management at British Airways, said: “We congratulate our colleagues at Iberia for introducing this change and we look forward to joining them in 2023. More announcements will follow about what this change will mean for our Executive Club programme, which will unlock even more opportunities for our Members to earn Avios when they fly.”

Executive Club’s Likely Revenye Based Earning Chart:

  • Club = 5 Avios per GBP/EUR
  • Bronze = 6 Avios per GBP/EUR
  • Silver = 7 Avios per GBP/EUR
  • Gold = 8 Avios per GBP/EUR
  • Gold Guest List = 8 Avios per GBP/EUR
  • Premier = 8 Avios per GBP/EUR

This would align with what Iberia Plus members earn at various status levels.

Who wins?

The only winners are those that fly on very expensive long-haul or short-haul tickets, especially in economy.

Who loses?

The biggest losers are those that fly on promotional business and first-class tickets, as the Avios earned is now directly related to the ticket cost instead of distance.

Iberia’s Announcement:

Iberia Plus Moving To Revenue Based Program November 2022


The change in how Iberia Plus awards Avios doesn’t affect me personally, as I rarely fly with the airline.

However, how many Avios British Airways awards for long-haul discounted business and first-class tickets does affect my willingness to fly with them.

As I have noted previously, I am getting closer to reaching lifetime Gold with BA (Oneworld Emerald), so it makes sense for me to credit alliance flights there for now.

With a reduced number of Avios earned and never-ending operational meltdowns, there really isn’t a reason to fly on BA if you have a choice.

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