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Oneworld Announced a new partner level called Connect back in 2018 (read more here), and Fiji Airways was, and still is, the only entrant that joined in late that year (read more here).

Oneworld Connect partners have sponsoring airlines with deeper partnerships, and in Fiji’s case, these are American Airlines, British Airways, and Qantas.

You can access BA’s page for partner airlines here.

American Airlines AAdvantage members have been able to earn and redeem miles on Fiji Airways, previously Air Pacific, for years, but it is only this month that BA enabled it, despite the partnership announced four years ago.

Fiji’s Route To Oneworld Connect:

Oneworld Connect Fiji Airways

Oneworld Connect – Fiji Airlines The First Partner

Fiji Airways Is Now Oneworld Connect Partner Airline

BA’s Email:

Fiji Airways Route Map:

BA Executive Club Fiji Airways Avios Earning Schedule:

Frequent fliers from sponsoring airlines have access to Fiji Airways lounges when flying in economy, while all Oneworld elite members of Sapphire and higher can use business class check-in and priority boarding:


This partnership has been long in the making, and I feel it would have been better for Fiji Airways to join as a full partner rather than at this vague “connect” level.

There might have been a change in the lounge access policy that benefits sponsoring airlines’ frequent fliers. It was initially only going to be extended to those in economy IF they fly on sponsoring airline’s code, but this wording has been removed,

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