British Airways Short-Haul Catering Meltdown


British Airways apparently forgot to tell its caterer that the airline intends to return fuller schedule, and many of the short-haul flights catered ex-Heathrow both ways are going without any provisions.

The airline has been messaging some affected passengers about this and asking them to eat before the flight or bring food. The airline is supposedly providing passengers with a voucher that can be used at the airport.

You can access BA here.

Message from BA:


The entire British Airways is in utter chaos.

What could be that “unforeseen issue” with the caterer? That BA doesn’t pay them enough to cater the planes, or hasn’t ordered enough catering in advance to properly provision the flights?

Good luck getting a voucher from the check-in staff that, at most outstations, are not even employed by the BA and where there is not a  single BA employee on hand.

You could have a process where BA would automatically send a virtual debit card for affected passengers that they could use to buy food and drinks at the airport. Problem solved!

Affected passengers should contact BA consumer relations after the flight and request either a partial refund or Avios as ac

This is a very poor show.

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