Choice Privileges Members Only Madness 2022 Day 4: 750 Bonus Points For Dining Twice By December 31, 2022


Choice’s Members Only Madness has now reached its fourth day, and the offer is 750 bonus points for two dines by December 31, 2022.

Choice Privileges has a Dining Program (with the same provider as everybody else) that allows members to earn points for dining them + leaving reviews.

You can access Choice’s page for Members Only Madness here.

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Note that you must dine twice, and on each occasion, the credit card swipe must be at least $25 to qualify under this offer.


Well. Finally, an offer that they haven’t had in previous years, but the bonus amount is way too insignificant!

Terms and conditions of this offer:

3 To qualify for and earn Choice Privileges® 750 bonus points though this offer, you must: (i) register online for the Choice Privileges Eat & Earn program; (ii) link a valid credit and/or debit card to your account; (iii) remain opted-in to receive emails from Eat & Earn dining program with a valid, deliverable email address, (iv) dine two times or order online directly from the dining site two times at a participating restaurant or bar between November 17, 2022 and December 31, 2022; (v) spend at least $25 each dine (including tax and tip) dining-in at any participating restaurant or bar or spend at least $25 by placing an Online Order (based on subtotal only—not including tax, tip, or fees) at a participating restaurant directly from the Eat & Earn site; and (vi) pay the check with the credit and/or debit card(s) linked to your Eat & Earn program account; and (vii) continue to satisfy all applicable program criteria until such time as the bonus points earned through the promotion posts to your Eat & Earn program account. Qualification for this bonus is limited to 1X per day at a single merchant. Bonus points will be posted to your account within two weeks after you earn them. All account inquiries related to this offer must be received by March 31, 2023.

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