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Many hotel chains offer Dining Clubs, usually administered by third parties, in Asia-Pacific, that provide accommodation certificates and discounts and 20% to 50% off dining at hotel F&B outlets.

Marriott has decided to close their Club Marriott in Asia-Pacific effective immediately for new signups and member renewals.

You can access Club Marriott here.

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Email from Club Marriott:


These dining clubs can make a lot of sense if you frequent hotel F&B outlets often or stay at one of the participating hotels.

The accommodation certificate has often roughly covered the signup price, and, if I can recall correctly, I was once a member for a year of Starwood’s one (signed up in Bangkok) but didn’t renew.

Hotel F&B tends to be ridiculously high priced for locals in Asia, and these 30% to 50% discounts have made them a viable option.

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