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This week the Compensation Clinic visits Hilton Rotterdam, a hotel where I have stayed a few times, where a reader had two issues.

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You can access Hilton Rotterdam here.

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Email From The Reader:

I booked two King Size rooms for one night on 28th may in Hilton Rotterdam. (I am Diamond member).

1st problem: we got our rooms 4 hours late 

We arrived at the hotel at noon and we had a really rude welcome. We asked to check-in and we were told that that we should come back after 3pm (which I understood as it is the official check-in time).

No one checked for my reservation, name or anything else.

We came back at 5pm, asked for our rooms. No room were available. The receptionist asked us to wait in the Lounge for 30 mins until the rooms were ready.

After 1 hour we asked to the receptionist in the lounge if he had some news (He was clearly more busy to buy new Nike shoes on his computer than to take care of his guest). He answered that he is sorry but that we had to wait.

At 6:15 pm, I started to be really nervous: We wanted to have our room, take a shower because we had a dinner. So, I went back to the front desk as everybody seems to have forgotten us. They told us that they might have one room but not two. As they didn’t find any way to solve this I asked to talk to the Manager. They answered me that he was not available.

So, finally, at 7pm we had our rooms. The rooms were far to be perfect : there was still some crumbs on the floor, only one coffee cup and no water in the room.

2d problem: breakfast in the lounge

On the Sunday morning at 9:30am. My access for the lounge was not activated. In the lounge: There was no orange juice, no plate left, no water in the coffee machine, no viennoiserie left. No one from the Hotel was present in the lounge.

One other customer was really angry and went himself in the service room to get water for the coffee machine… About 15 mins later someone from the hotel came. Of course as nothing was left, there was a rush from all guest in the lounge which was a really terrible experience.

I complained during checkout and received an email from Mrs REMOVED (Interim Front Desk Manager) to offer me 3000 points….

I wrote again to the Hotel Manager, after a lot of discussion they offered me an extra 7000 Points.

Fabulous Fridays:

I had three fabulous experiences at Hilton hotels in the Netherlands in 2021!

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It is really annoying if you don’t get your hotel room by the check-in time, especially if you have a dinner to attend later and freshening up is needed.

The club lounge at this hotel was already open last year, but it was not staffed at all times. They certainly should have breakfast better replenished or offer to have it in the restaurants for those affected.

I am glad that the reader was able to get 10,000 points for these issues that are worth roughly $50.

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