Email From IHG Regarding Visited Countries


There was an email from IHG this week not about the recent hack or missing points from their cobranded credit cards but rather from the number of countries visited.

It is not the number of countries I have been to but how many countries I have used IHG-affiliated hotels.

You can access IHG here.

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The email is a bit of a lost cause. It is nice to know that I have stayed with IHG in 60 or so countries, but why not go deeper? Why not feature a hotel I have stayed at rather than a random Kimpton I have not?

SPG Lifetime Map

They could have done what Starwood did back in the day when you reached a lifetime Platinum and send a world map with dots where you have stayed.

My Lifetime Starwood Map (Show Us Yours!)


Did you receive an email, such as mine, from IHG this past week?

My long-term goal is not just to visit but to stay in every country on earth, and I should be at roughly 110 or so now. There are still many opportunities in the Caribbean and Africa, but only two in Europe; Moldova and San Marino.

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