Emirates Is Now Offering Home Check-In For First Class Passengers In Dubai & Sharjah


Emirates has come up with yet another per to spoil their First Class passengers that depart from Dubai & Sharjah as they’ll send a check-in staff and car to your home in order to complete check-in formalities and pick up the suitcases.

The liaison company DUBZ will complete check‑in at your home, hotel or office and take your bags to the airport at the arranged time, taking some stress off the departure experience.

The service can be purchased by regular passengers in all classes of services as well but it’s now complimentary for those traveling in Emirates First Class.

What I find very interesting is that they will come to your hotel as well although I never really had the impression that checking in at the airport for Emirates First Class was really any hassle or a bottleneck.

Book convenient services that make departure and arrival a breeze. Check in from home and let us take care of your bags when you land.

Home Check‑in is complimentary when you fly in First Class. Enjoy a smoother, more convenient journey and book Home Check‑in to your home, hotel or office next time you depart from Dubai or Sharjah. At the airport, you can head straight through to your departure gate.

Simply book Home Check‑in through the DUBZ website, enter your details and your service will automatically be complimentary.

Let the check‑in agents come to you, wherever you are in Dubai. Our partners DUBZ will complete check‑in at your home, hotel or office and take your bags to the flight.

Step off the aircraft, go through immigration and head straight home or to your hotel. There’s no need to wait around for your bags – let our partners DUBZ do all the heavy lifting for you. They’ll deliver your bags to you anywhere in Dubai.

The baggage delivery and drop off at the hotel is indeed something I wish was available more often depending on how prone the airport is to take a long time with baggage distribution. Especially if you don’t need the bag right away and would rather just get out of the airport this is a very useful feature.

The company DUBZ services include a range of baggage related options as well as fast track and PCR home testing:

For non-First Class customers the service for home check in costs 177 AED which is roughly US$50. I’m not sure who would pay for that under normal circumstances but there must be some demand or it wouldn’t be offered.

Remember that you can also avail yourself of a complimentary limousine to the airport which has to be pre-arranged through the Emirates chauffeur service and will pick you up in a specified time window so you arrive at the airport at least 1.5 hours prior to departure. It won’t really save any time using the home check-in beforehand.

However, I think for those traveling with family (and families in the UAE can be rather large) it might be a strong convenience factor not to have to hassle with a ton of bags at the airport at all and have them picked up from your home instead. It’s not uncommon to see families occupy several (most) seats in First Class on the ME3 airlines.

Keep in mind this service is only offered when departing from or arriving in Dubai & Sharjah.


Emirates’ newest gimmick for First Class passengers is a complimentary home/hotel pick-up and check-in service for baggage with all formalities being taken care of at your doorstep or hotel lobby/room.

For a single traveler in First Class or even as a couple I don’t see much advantage to this. The more bags you have the more interesting this option might become as even though you have access to the Chauffeur Drive this doesn’t include a PA at the airport once you get to the terminal.

Would you use this service if available?

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