Emirates Skywards Continues To Extend Select Members’ Tiers


Emirates rolled outs its most recent Skywards tier and miles extension policy back in February 2022 (read more here).

Blanket tier extensions ended on June 1, 2022, and Emirates promised to extend exclusive offers for members whose tier was set to expire past this date.

You can access the Emirates page for tier extensions here.

A LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded us an email that was just received from Emirates:

Emirates had extended the reader’s Skywards tier without any activity by 12 months.

If your tier review date is from June 2022 onward, we’ll support you with exclusive offers to help you make up for the trips you’ve missed because of global travel restrictions. Review and update your email address on My Profile to ensure you hear from us within 3 months of your tier review date.

It would be interesting to know if Emirates, in fact, is still offering blanket extensions despite their implied policy of not doing so.


I am glad that Emirates continues to offer extensions for at least select Skywards members. The travel for members in many markets has been challenging over the past year or so, and several countries have only recently opened up (and some still haven’t).

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