Fabulous Fridays: Anti-Allergy “Stay Well” Rooms At MGM Resort Properties In Las Vegas


I’ve spent the last two weeks at various hotels in Las Vegas and really started to like the “Stay Well” rooms that MGM offers at most of their resort hotels in the city, hence their feature on our Fabulous Fridays today.

Las Vegas can be difficult as far as smells in the hotel room are concerned, especially at the older hotels such as New York New York or Mirage so I started to make it a habit requesting the FRESH rooms that come with some decent equipment to make the stay more comfortable.

These rooms were first designed to make them somewhat allergy-proof and be able to accommodate guests who are very sensitive when it comes to dust, smell, and certain detergents.

You can access MGM’s website with a description of the FRESH program here.

Find sanctuary in a room designed to renew, recharge and refresh. Our Stay Well rooms combine the latest wellness technologies from Delos, the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Deepak Chopra—all to help make your stay everything you want it to be. To enjoy a complete wellness hotel experience, Stay Well.

Fresh by Stay Well™ is a select group of features that create a unique guest experience to provide accessible wellness while you are traveling. Maximize your experience and minimize the impact that travel has on the body with Fresh by Stay Well™.

Upgrade your experience in a Stay Well™ room equipped with even more wellness enhancements such as a specialized Stay Well™ mattress, dawn simulation, night lighting, and more.

Here are the features that are put into the rooms in order to complete the program designed under the Stay Well concept:

The Stay Well program isn’t exclusive to MGM, many other hotels use it and they also have a Twitter account that might be worth to check it out as it showcases many other properties:

As I was staying four nights at NYNY this week where I got a very good $39 rate to earn some Hyatt stays, here are some pictures of the items featured in the room of the Stay Well tower:

Air Purifier:

Filter & Aroma Diffuser:

Water Filter for the shower head (none for the tub water though):

Last week when I also stayed at NYNY no such room was available and I cut my stay short to two nights as I noticed it made a big difference and the room was just not comfortable.

Some hotels that provide an anti-allergy program also provide special pillows and linens that are (supposed to be) washed with milder laundry detergent.

There are way too many chemicals in use when it comes to hotel operations and my personal pet peeve is when hotels use room sprays. I immediately reject such a room and even though I’m not having specific allergies to take care of, any kind of strong scent in the room is driving me crazy. To all the Directors of Rooms, if you’re listening: Please for the love of God, stop using room sprays in hotel rooms!!


If you have trouble sleeping in hotel rooms that use lots of chemicals for cleaning purposes and have other deficiencies such as bad smells, dust, or carpets it’s really worthwhile to ask your hotel if they have any anti-allergy rooms in their portfolio.

It might not always (rarely actually) be a suite so as an elite member you might forfeit a good upgrade but it’ll definitely be a much better sleep and stay experience. I rather stay in a great, clean corner room than a large suite with dusty old rugs and carpets. Try it!

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