Fabulous Fridays: Ritz-Carlton Maldives Fari Islands Birthday Celebrations


It always makes sense to let the hotel know if you celebrate a special occasion during your stays, such as a birthday or other milestone.

Better the hotel, the more they tend to be willing to celebrate this and put up a small “show.”

You can access Ritz-Carlton Maldives here.

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Luxury hotels tend to email you before the stay and ask for your preferences. Obviously, for a stay in the Maldives, there is more involved, as you need to plan the transportation to the resort either by seaplane or boat or by both.

I let the hotel know about this and completely forgot about it.

Ritz-Carlton Maldives Birthday Celebrations:

I forgot to take a photo, but the TV in the villa was blasting a happy birthday song (not sure if they have a dedicated channel for this). The cake was a properly layered one and not one of those mousse-types. The gift back had men grooming products likely available for purchase.


I am glad that they didn’t do the “Happy Birthday” show that a few guests got during the breakfast when a few of the employees gathered to sing the song.

There is no downside to letting the hotel know if you have a celebration, but only expect this level of effort at truly luxury hotels.

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