Finnair Plus Buy Points Promo Fiasco


Finnair Plus launched a promotion (read more here) that was supposed to allow members to buy points at up to a 100% bonus but turned into a fiasco.

Members could not log in, the purchase was not displaying bonus points, and the entire purchase option was taken down.

You can access Finnair Plus here.

Finnair Plus had a notice up on the purchase page that point purchase was facing technical difficulties and disabled:

Our buy points promotion is experiencing technical issues displaying the bonus, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. If you had purchased points during the promotional time, we will honour the highest 100% bonus.

The page appears to be up again, but only at a 40% bonus, and nobody should buy at this price, as the airline sells points at a 100% bonus or 50% off a few times every year.

UPDATE: We have received the following statement from the Finnair spokesperson:

The Finnair Plus bonus award point campaign started today at 12:00:00 EET. The sudden spike in demand unfortunately caused congestion in Finnair Shop services, which is why our customers were not able to access the Finnair Shop page. In addition, we had technical issues in our partner’s promotion feature, and bonus award points were not displayed correctly when buying points. To address these, we had to temporarily take out the possibility to buy points.

All the technical issues have been fixed now and customers are able to see the bonus point rate and buy the points correctly. Everyone who purchased points during the period when technical issues were present will be rewarded with a 100% bonus. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


We have been in touch with Finnair to find out what was going on with the buy points promotion, but we haven’t received a response yet.

Finnair yesterday emailed their entire active Finnair Plus list with this buy points offer, and apparently, and Finnair were not able to have adequate resources to back the offer and had to take it down.

I checked when the promotion went live and found the buy points option disabled.

At least those that purchased when the promo was live and when the 100% bonus was not displayed will get their points.

If you missed this purchase opportunity, it will return in 2023 without limits.

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