Finnair Plus Enhances Points Earnings On American Airlines Flights May 1, 2022


Finnair has today increased the number of miles, they call them points, that members of its frequent flyer program earn on American Airlines marketed flights.

Finnair Plus members earn a 300% multiplier on first-class flights (previously just 150%) and 150% to 250% on business class (formerly 125%).

You can access Finnair’s page for partners here.

Finnair Plus – American Airlines from May 1, 2022

Finnair Plus – American Airlines through April 30, 2022


It seems that airlines that have formed the trans-Atlantic JV are standardizing the number of miles frequent flyer program members earn from these flights (the class multipliers).

This is a positive change for Finnair Plus members that fly on American Airlines marketed flights in business and first-class.

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