Flight Delays & Cancellation In Italy Due To National Strike On October 21, 2022


National stoke in Italy that will take place on October 21, 2022, will result in cancellation for many flights that touch the country on that date.

The strike will affect airline air traffic control and ground handling companies. ITA Airways has already canceled more than 200 flights for the day, and other airlines need to adjust their schedules too.

Italy’s National Civil Aviation Authority has a plan to guarantee a set number of take-offs and landings between 7 – 10 AM and 6 – 9 PM. The strike will also affect airlines that utilize Italy’s air space.

The airlines must rebook affected passengers at their earliest opportunity, and if you are only transiting through Italy, they should move you to flights not touching the country at all.

There is a requirement to provide accommodation and meals for those significantly delayed due to the strike. However, there are no requirements to offer compensation due to cancellations and delays due to this being considered beyond the airline’s control.

Passengers whose flights have been canceled can also opt for a refund.

ITA Airways Announcement:

Following the national strike of the air traffic controllers and the air transport sector on Friday 21 October 2022, some changes in the operations of ITA Airways flights could occur. Furthermore, the Company was forced to cancel some domestic flights scheduled for October 21, 2022.

ITA Airways has activated an extraordinary plan to limit the inconvenience of passengers, rebooking the largest possible number of travelers involved in cancellations on the first available flights: 20% will be able to fly on the same day of 21 October.

ITA Airways invites all travelers who have purchased a ticket for October 21 to check the status of their flight, before going to the airport, on the ita-airways.com website, by calling the toll-free number from Italy 800 93 60 90 | from abroad +39 06 8596 0020, or by contacting the travel agency where they bought the ticket.

Passengers who have purchased an ITA Airways ticket to travel on October 21, in the event of cancellation or modification of their flight schedule, will be able to change their booking without penalty or request a refund of the ticket (only if the flight has been canceled or has been delayed by more than 5 hours) until 28 October.

List of canceled ITA Airways flights:


Airlines tend not to offer all required rebooking options for affected passengers willingly.

If your flight is canceled or significantly delayed, you should check the options between your origin and destination and suggest those to the airline’s agent.

Let’s hope airlines can operate some of their flight schedules to/from/via Italy on Friday.

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