Flying Blue Introduces Family Account


Air France – KLM’s Flying Blue has pushed out an update of its program Terms and Conditions and simultaneously launched Family Account for pooling miles.

Flying Blue Family Account allows pooling miles from a total of eight accounts, maximum of two adults and six children. A member can leave the family account after being part of it for six months.

You can access Flying Blue here.

Flying Blue Email:

Key Points:

  • Flying Blue members over 18 years old can create a Flying Blue Family and invite their family members. There can be up to 2 adults (over 18 years old) and 6 children in 1 Flying Blue Family.
  • By creating a Flying Blue Family, you become the Flying Blue Family leader. You can then transfer your family members’ Miles to your Flying Blue account.
  • You can only be part of 1 Flying Blue Family. Family members can only leave your account after they’ve been part of it for at least 6 months.
  • As the Flying Blue Family leader, you can transfer your family members’ Miles to your Flying Blue account for free.
  • The more Miles you have, the closer you are to booking reward tickets or extra options.


How can I create a Flying Blue Family?

If you are a member aged 18 or over, you can create your Flying Blue Family through ‘My profile’ on the Air France or KLM website. There, you can invite other members to join your Flying Blue Family. A Flying Blue Family can consist of eight people maximum; one extra adult and six children. The member who creates the Flying Blue Family will become the Flying Blue Family leader.

How can I join a Flying Blue Family?

You can join a Flying Blue Family as soon as you receive an invitation from a Flying Blue Family leader. Once you accept the invitation, you become a member of the Flying Blue Family. You can only join one Flying Blue Family at a time, and you will be part of a Flying Blue Family for a minimum of six months.

How can I transfer Miles within the Flying Blue Family?

The Flying Blue Family leader is the only person who can transfer Miles from the Flying Blue Family members’ accounts. The Flying Blue Family leader can transfer Miles partially or in full. After each transfer, all Flying Blue Family Miles will be valid for two years. Miles transfers are final, and you will be notified by email if your Miles have been transferred.


Family Account is a great way to pool miles from Friends & Family members whose miles may otherwise expire unused, and many airlines in Europe already offer this functionality.

Updated Terms & Conditions:

Download (PDF, 112KB)

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