Hilton Apps Have Removed Status Progress


We still have three days of 2022 left, but Hilton’s apps have removed 2022 elite qualifying stay, night, points, and rollover night counts.

The message on the app states that Hilton is preparing for 2023, and members should have patience while Honors tries to figure out the status for the upcoming year.

You can access Hilton here.

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The information about your consumed nights and earned base points in 2022 is still available on Hilton’s website.


So, I have stayed 132 elite qualifying nights so far in 2022 (192 – 60 rollover nights), of which few are under the current double nights promotion.


I have earned 178,373 base points from these stays.


Not sure why the app had to go offline for status-related stats three days before 2023 when some members are frantically trying to ensure they have met the requirements.

I am glad that this information is still available on Hilton’s website.

My lifetime Honors night count should be 900+, and permanent Diamond status, likely better upgrades too, on the horizon in the second half of 2023.

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