Hilton Honors 2023 Policy Changes


Hilton has now published its Honors 2023 program changes that indicate moving mainly to policies in place before the pandemic began.

Hilton has launched a promotion for double elite qualifying nights until the end of 2022 (read more here) that you can combine with the current Honors promotion for double points + weekday bonus (read more here).

Hilton has extended all expiring points through December 31, 2022. After that date, points will expire on accounts with no activity for 24 months.

Hilton is returning to the prepandemic requirements regarding Gold and Diamond tier gifting.

Base points earned from Hilton Honors American Express cobranded cards will continue to be elite qualifying and count towards lifetime Diamond status through December 31, 2023. Free night awards can continue to be used for any day of the week.

There is no change to the elite rollover nights. The maximum number of nights that can be rolled to the following year is the number required for Diamond status (60).

Remember that nights won’t rollover more than once.

The milestone bonuses will start at 40 nights in 2023 instead of 20 nights in 2021 and 30 nights in 2022.

It is good that Hilton has now confirmed what the Honors 2023 qualification and program features are.

They have been rolling over status earned in 2019/2020 until March 2023, but this is now ending. However, I would not be surprised if they offered one more extension for members residing in China.

It is still unclear if the F&B credit for the US that was introduced in 2021 as a temporary pandemic measure and extended to 2022 has been made a permanent.

2023 Policy Changes

Tier Qualification

What are the 2023 tier qualifications?

2023 status requirements are:
Silver: 10 nights, 4 stays or 25,000 Base Points

Gold: 40 Nights, 20 stays, or 75,000 Base Points

Diamond: 60 nights, 30 stays, or 120,000 Base Points

Do rollover nights count toward the status qualification in 2023?

Yes, qualifying nights in excess of those required to qualify for elite status level in the 2022 calendar year will count toward earning status in 2023.

How will year-end cross-over stays be treated for status qualification, Milestone Bonus, and gifting status night count?

Per existing rules, nights for stays that cut across years (December into January) will apply to the status year of the check-out date.

When will these changes be reflected on a member’s Hilton Honors app and online account page?

Members can expect to see these changes reflected in the Hilton Honors app and website in early 2023.

Points Expiration Policy

What is the Point Expiration Policy?

We have extended the amount of time required to keep your Hilton Honors account active from 15 to 24 months. Members must keep their Hilton Honors account active in order to keep their Hilton Honors Points. Under the new policy, if your account is inactive for 24 consecutive months, your total Point balance will expire.

Points Expiration Activity

Keep your Hilton Honors account active to avoid your Points expiring: simply stay at any hotel in the Hilton Portfolio, earn points with a Hilton Honors credit card, earn or redeem Points with any Hilton Honors partner, buy Points or donate Points, or register for a Hilton Honors promotion.

Elite Status Gifting

Will members still be able to give the gift of status to a friend or family member in 2023?

Yes – gifting status will remain an Elite member benefit. Once reaching 60 nights in 2023, a member will be able to gift Gold status; upgrading that status to Diamond will be achieved once they stay 100 nights in the year.

Do rollover nights count toward gifting status achievement?

No – only nights earned in 2023 count toward gifting status achievement.

Hilton Honors American Express Card Benefits

Can Free Night Rewards be used on any day of the week?

Yes, unexpired and new Free Night Rewards can now be used on any night of the week (not just on the weekends). This applies to U.S. Hilton Honors American Express Credit Cards only.

Are there any blackout dates when Free Night Rewards cannot be used?

There are no blackout dates for booking a Free Night Reward.

How do I redeem my Free Night Reward?

Free Night Rewards are issued in the form of a redeemable code and sent in an email from Hilton Honors to the email address listed on your Hilton Honors account. To redeem, call 1-800-446-6677 and mention the code provided by Hilton Honors. Free Night Rewards redemptions are subject to Hilton Honors Terms and Conditions; see Hilton Honors Terms and Conditions

When will I receive my Free Night Reward?

You will receive an email with the redeemable code within 8-12 weeks after you have met the purchase requirement for your Hilton Honors American Express Card.

How long will Bonus Points count towards Elite tier qualification?

Bonus Points earned through eligible purchases on your Hilton Honors American Express card that post to your Hilton Honors account between now and December 31, 2023 will be considered Base Points that count toward Elite tier qualification and Lifetime Diamond Status.

When do Bonus Points from my Hilton Honors American Express Card post to my Honors Account?

Hilton Honors Bonus Points you earn with your Card will be posted to your Hilton Honors account up to 12 weeks after the end of your billing period.

Are these changes applicable for all Hilton Honors American Express Credit Cards?

These changes are applicable for all U.S. Hilton Honors American Express Credit Cards.

Elite Rollover Nights

What are elite rollover nights?

Elite rollover nights provide a faster way to earn elite status. Starting at Silver, at the end of the calendar year, any qualifying nights in excess of those required to qualify for your elite status level will be counted toward your elite status qualification for the following calendar year (January 1st to December 31st).

Who is eligible to roll over nights?

All elite tiers (Silver, Gold, and Diamond Members) are eligible to roll over elite qualifying nights. Lifetime Diamond members will not rollover nights as elite status is secured for life.

Can I only roll over nights?

Elite members are only able to roll over nights. For more information on how to earn elite status refer to the Membership Tiers page.

Is there a cap to the number of nights that can be rolled over into 2023?

The maximum number of nights able to be rolled over into the next calendar year is capped at the number of nights required to secure Diamond status for the following year.

Will nights earned in 2022 be able to be rolled over into 2023?

Yes – rollover nights applied to status in 2023 will be calculated in accordance with the 30% reduction in tier qualifications for 2022. All nights earned above the member’s tier will rollover into 2023. For example, if a Member stays 10 nights in the 2022 calendar year, that Member will earn Silver status and have 3 nights rollover to 2023.

Do I need to sign up to begin earning elite rollover nights?

No sign up or action is required to earn elite rollover nights. As a Silver, Gold, or Diamond member, your elite rollover nights will automatically be applied toward maintaining or achieving elite status in the following calendar year.

For how long are my elite rollover nights valid and when can I apply them toward status? What happened to my elite rollover nights from last year?

Elite rollover nights are only valid for the next calendar year and expire thereafter. Elite rollover nights cannot be reserved and applied to a second, third year or subsequent year.

Which types of nights are eligible for roll over? What about nights achieved through a promotion?

All qualifying nights are eligible to roll over. Qualifying nights for paid and reward stays (including Points & Money Rewards™ stays) count as full qualifying nights for achieving status and are eligible to be rolled over to the following calendar year.

Milestone Bonuses

What are Milestone Bonuses?

Milestone Bonuses allow members to earn a fixed amount of Hilton Honors Bonus Points when they achieve a certain number of eligible nights during each calendar year.

How many Hilton Honors Bonus Points can I earn by achieving these Milestone Bonuses?

Hilton Honors Members earn 10,000 Hilton Honors Bonus Points at 40 eligible nights and 10,000 Bonus Points for every 10 additional eligible nights thereafter during the 2023 calendar year – with no cap. On your 60th eligible night in 2023 you will receive an additional 30,000 Bonus Points on top of the 10,000 Milestone Bonus Points achieved at that threshold, for a total of 40,000 Points.

What is considered an eligible night that counts toward achieving these Milestone Bonuses?

Eligible nights are nights that are part of an eligible stay detailed in the Hilton Honors Terms and Conditions. A stay is defined as the total number of consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, whether or not a guest checks out and checks back in again. Eligible nights include both paid and reward stays (including Points & Money Rewards™ stays) and count toward the achievement of the Milestone Bonuses.

How can I track my progress toward earning these Milestone Bonuses during a calendar year?

Members can track their progress toward hitting these Milestone Bonuses with the Hilton Honors app. Members can learn more about the Hilton Honors app here and can download to begin tracking their progress. As a member you can also track your progress by logging into your account once you reach 30 nights in 2023.

Is there a limit to the number of Milestone Bonuses earned in 2023?

No — starting at 40 nights stayed in the year, Members will receive a bonus 10,000 Bonus Points for every 10 nights stayed in the calendar year.

For one stay, how many rooms will count toward achieving eligible nights and the associated Milestone Bonuses?

A member will only receive credit for the nights stayed for one room, not multiple rooms booked for the same duration by the same Hilton Honors Member. Rollover nights do not count toward the Milestone Bonus.

Example: If you book two rooms at the same hotel for a one-night stay — you will earn Hilton Honors Points on both of the rooms, but you will only receive one-night credit total toward achieving the Milestone Bonuses and toward elite status qualification.

Within the 2023 calendar year, the total amount of nights that a member could achieve toward these Milestone Bonuses is 365 nights — equivalent to 360,000 Hilton Honors Milestone Bonus Points. For more information on the earning rules when booking multiple rooms, please refer to the Accrual of Points terms.

Do Milestone Bonus Points count toward earning tier status?

Bonus Points do not count towards earning tier status (only Base Points count towards tier status qualification).

When are Milestone Bonus Points posted to my account?

Members will receive these Bonus Points once completing the eligible stay that achieves the Milestone Bonus. These Bonus Points will then be posted after check-out for that eligible stay.

Do rollover nights count toward Milestone Bonus achievement?

No – only nights earned in the current calendar year count toward Milestone Bonus achievement.

What if my stay crosses over the calendar year — e.g. check-in is on December 28th, 2022 with a check-out on January 2nd, 2023?

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