Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Member F&B Credit Exclusion (US)


Hilton rolled out the Gold and Diamond member Food and Beverage credit first as a temporary exercise for 2021 due to the global pandemic and extended it for another year through the end of 2022 (likely permanent at this point).

Hilton has now clarified a situation where the F&B credit is not available for eligible members in the United States.

You can access Hilton’s page for F&B credit here.

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..complimentary continental breakfast (All Inclusive hotels, hotels with Executive Lounges, and non-U.S. only), Daily Food & Beverage Credit (U.S. only , when guest does not have access to Executive Lounge)..

It would be quite a surprise if breakfast were not included at ALL INCLUSIVE HOTELS.

Hilton, however, now clarifies that the daily F&B credit is not applicable if the member has access to the Executive Club.

It makes you wonder, how many of those are left at Hilton-affiliated hotels in the US?

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Hilton’s move to daily F&B credit that usually covers perhaps a coffee and a muffin has not been welcomed by MOST Gold and Diamond members that stay at Hilton-affiliated hotels in the United States.

I hope that this won’t expand to other markets, as it is likely to stay.

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