Hong Kong Slightly Relaxes “0+3” & Expert Expects Removal Of Travel Curbs Summer Of 2023


Hong Kong in late September removed the arrival quarantine requirements (read more here), and I was on one of the first flights to arrive after the change (read more here).

There has not been a relaxation on what you can do first after arriving in Hong Kong, but these are about to be slightly less restrictive later next week. Also, a government expert expects Hong Kong to return to prepandemic entry and other requirements next summer.

Currently, all arrivals outside of the Mainland have stringent limitations on what they can do during the first three days of arrival (medical surveillance) in Hong Kong. They can walk outside and visit malls, but most other activities are unavailable, such as eating in a restaurant or visiting a museum.

When all the current testing requirements are still in place, you have to be careful not to catch covid-19 while in the city.

From Thursday next week (November 24), arrivals to Hong Kong can participate in mask-on activities such as visiting museums and theme parks but cannot enter any facilities where eating takes place (how eating is so dangerous baffles me).

Hong Kong Entry Requirements Changes & My Entry Experience:


This 0+3 is excellent for Hong Kong residents, as it allows them to travel outside the city, return with minimal fuss, and quarantine back home if they test positive during frequent tests after entering.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan all opened roughly at the same time, but you can engage in all your usual activities from day one, except in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has been a transit point for many, where you might spend a couple of nights savoring the food and getting your hair down.

You can currently do none of that until 9 AM on the fourth day of your arrival (arrive on Monday, and the restrictions are removed on Thursday), and this IS enforced.

When I was in Hong Kong back in September, the hoteliers were waiting for the travel between the Hong Kong and the Mainland to fully reopen, which is vital to the city.

Also, it may still be a long road for all the covid-related “medical surveillance” and other restrictions to be removed. Let’s hope this takes place sooner than in the Summer of 2023.

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