Iberia Tries To Clarify Moving To Revenue Based Program


Iberia announced in October (read more here) that Iberia Plus would move to a revenue-based program in November (now they say shortly).

Iberia Plus sent out an additional email yesterday about these changes trying to put lipstick on a pig (most earn far fewer Avios than previously) and correcting some apparent mistakes (fuel/carrier surcharges are included).

You can access Iberia’s page for the changes here.

I thought that I could make it more transparent why the change.

They have already raised the number of Avios you earn for shuttle and Latin America routes.

And also clarified that fuel/carrier surcharges are INCLUDED and not excluded like previously communicated.

Earning Avios Per Iberia Plus Tier:

Iberia Plus Going Revenue Based:

Iberia Plus Moving To Revenue Based Program November 2022


It is sad to see more airline programs going revenue-based; BA will soon too, which means you usually earn far more miles when flying on partner airlines that cannot be the intended consequence.

You can earn more miles on expensive short-haul and long-haul tickets, but everyone else is a loser.

I chatted with a friend who lives in Spain about these changes last month, and he said that most Spaniards don’t care about frequent flier programs.

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