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InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) offers its employees deeply discounted rates for personal use, like all of the hospitality sector companies do.

We have previously covered Hilton’s Team Member & Friends And family Rates (read more here) and Marriott’s Explore Rates that are available for both employees and their Friends & Family members (read more here).

You can access IHG’s Employee Room Benefit Programme page here and here and booking links for IVEDI here and IVED2 here.

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Note that these rates are only available for employees of IHG affiliated companies and third-party franchisees who operate hotels under IHG brands.

IHG Brands include Six Senses, Regent, InterContinental, Kimpton, Indigo, Voco, Hualuxe, Crowne Plaza, Even Hotels, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, avid, Atwell Suites, Staybridge Suites, Holiday Inn Club Vacations & Candlewood Suites.

Employee Rates

IHG determines the employee rate based on the 12-month average ADR  of the property and this value is recalculated every September.

There are 9 Rate Tiers, and the rates can fluctuate from $39 to $139.

IHG preloads 2% of hotel room inventory under this rate plan that can be booked a maximum of 90 days before the intended stay.

Employees can book up to two rooms and stay a maximum of seven nights at each hotel in a calendar year per program (they can utilize both IVEDI and IVED2 rates).

Unlike Hilton and Marriott, IHG’s employee rates are not IHG One Rewards qualifying for points, elite nights, or benefits.

Rate Search:

You need to select the IHG Employee Rate on the drop-down menu.

Standard Employee Rate IVEDI

This is the most deeply discounted rate for IHG employees.

The rate plan is widely available for a midweek stay in early September.

The rate for the Kimpton Fitzroy is per the published table above.

And the rate rules spell out the requirements.

Employee Flex Rate IVED2

This is a more interesting rate plan because hotels can load it for several room types, which is 35% to 50% off.

It was not as widely available for a stay in London as the standard employee rate.

The rate rules appear to be identical.


IHG could do better and extend IHG One Rewards benefits for employee rates. If Hilton and Marriott can do it, why not IHG?

This would help employee buy-in for learning, knowing, and delivering tier benefits associated with each elite level when they have skin in the game.

And we should not be jealous about low rates extended to hospitality sector employees. The pay tends to be on the low side, and it benefits everyone that they try and stay at various brands learning best practices along the way.

Terms & Conditions of this offer:

The IHG® Employee Room benefit (“Employee Rates”) is a discounted room rates program exclusively for (1) eligible employees of companies in the InterContinental Hotels Group (“IHG”), and (2) eligible employees of third-party franchisees, who work at IHG-branded hotels that are franchised by a subsidiary or affiliate of IHG (each a “Participating Employee(s)”).

Employees can choose to book either Standard Employee Rate with the Standard room-type (meaning the actual room will be assigned by the hotel,) or Employee Flex Rate with a specific room type. Note the pricing for Employee Flex Rate may be more or less than the rate available for Standard Employee Rate.

The Employee Rates are intended for use only by the Participating Employee and guests traveling with the Participating Employee. The Participating Employee will be required to show valid identification upon check-in. The Employee Rate benefit may not be sold or transferred.

Participating Employees must conduct themselves appropriately when staying at any IHG-branded hotel. Participating Employees who utilize this benefit will be held accountable for their behavior as well as the behavior of any of their guests staying or visiting the hotel during their stay. Employees shall be respectful of hotel employees and other guests as well as hotel property. Participating Employees will be held responsible for any damage(s) caused by them or their guests.

If the IHG Employee Room Benefit Program is abused or used in a fraudulent manner by an Participating Employee or his/her guest, IHG reserves the right to revoke this benefit and cancel any upcoming reservations for the Participating Employee and the Participating Employee’s guest(s), as well as to pursue any other appropriate disciplinary, remedial or legal action.

Employee room reservations at the Employee Rates can only be made online at ihg.com or through the mobile app, can only be made by the Participating Employee, and cannot be made at the hotel. However, if the employee has an ADA (accessible room) need they can call the CRO to make the reservation.

IHG reserves the right to cancel, void or otherwise revoke any reservation that is not authorized under, or that violates, the Terms & Conditions of the Program.

Employees are permitted a maximum of seven (7) nights per hotel, per calendar year, per program

Employees are permitted a maximum of two (2) rooms per booking per visit

Each room booked per night counts towards the maximum of seven (7) nights per hotel, per calendar year, per program

Employees may not hold room reservations that overlap in date at a single hotel that exceed the maximum of seven (7) room nights per calendar year.

An employee room reservation booked at the Employee Rate cannot be made more than 90 days in advance of the first day of the scheduled stay.

An employee room reservation booked at the Employee Rate may be cancelled upon request by the employee but will be subject to the applicable hotel’s room cancellation procedures, applicable taxes, and service charges set forth at the time the reservation is made.

IHG reserves the right to rescind or modify an employee room booking at the Employee Rate if the Employee Rate or inventory was loaded in error on behalf of the hotel. The hotel or IHG representative will communicate the error to the employee along with any modifications to the employee room booking(s). The employee will have the option to accept the new terms or cancel with no penalty.

The employee who made the reservation must check in and stay at the hotel for the duration of the reservation:

  • The hotel will ask for photo identification at check-in and check it against the name of the employee who appears on the reservation.
  • Check your eligibility prior to traveling – contact your manager if your credentials expire prior to your arrival date.

Employee Rates are not available and must not be used for business-related travel.

Employee Rates do not qualify for IHG® Rewards points.

The employee must maintain Employee Rate eligibility for the entire duration of the employee room booking.

Employee Rate Methodology

Standard Employee Rate IVEDI is determined by using a hotel’s 12-month Average Daily Rate (ADR), as shown in the chart below:

IHG determines the Employee Rate for the next calendar year based on a hotel’s 12 month rolling ADR as of September 30 of each year;

This rate will remain in effect from 1 January for the next full calendar year;

New Hotel Opening rates will be based upon the 12-month market class tract average. Once the hotel has a 12-month rolling ADR, the Standard Employee Rate will be adjusted as outlined for existing hotels:

Note: Rates do not reflect all-inclusive resorts and mandated tax-inclusive hotels.

IHG will pre-load room inventory for the Standard Employee Room Benefit Program for each night of the next calendar year for each hotel:

  • Hotels with 100 rooms or more will have 2% of room inventory pre-loaded;
  • Hotels with 99 rooms or less will have 2 rooms per night pre-loaded;
  • Hotels may allocate more rooms for the program at their discretion; and
  • No more than 50 dates can be blacked out each year in the reservation system.
  • Hotels that have 98% occupancy or greater for 100 or more days for the 12 months preceding September 30 each year may apply directly to IHG Corporate office to reallocate the number of Employee Rate rooms to be pre-loaded.

Employee Flex Rate IVED2 allows hotels to sell additional room types at a discount ranging from 35 – 50 percent off Best Flexible Rate depending on demand fluctuations.

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