IHG One Rewards App Promo Bonus Points Posting Issues?


IHG One Rewards launched a bonus offer in June for up to two app bookings (read more here), which is in addition to their global offer for up to quadruple points (read more here).

I received an email from IHG this week that I had earned 2,000 bonus points for the first stay booked using the app, but these were not deposited into my account.

You can access this offer on IHG’s website here.

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Email from IHG:

I forwarded the promo email to the Ambassador Service Center:

Dear InterContinental Ambassador Service Center,

I received the email below regarding the promotion for earning bonus points for app bookings.

The email states that I have earned 2,000 bonus points for the first stay.

These points, however, have not been posted to my account.

Please fix.

Their first reply:

I hope all is well in Los Angeles. I’m happy to assist one of our Diamond Elite Ambassador members today.

I have read your email about your missing points from the 2022 Q2 App Offers. I am sorry if it was not deposited yet into your account.

Kindly provide your account details below for me to further look into your request:

Member number:

Account Phone # :

Account Address:

Confirmation number:

The email I forwarded to them included the account number, and I also sent it from the email address they have on file.

Also, I have no idea for what stay these bonus points should have posted because I have had several during the promo period.

I sent another email to the Ambassador service center (I didn’t provide any of the information requested), and the issue was then resolved:

I am sorry to learn about your missing points from the  2022 Q2 App Offers. These haven’t quite made it up yet, but they’re on their way! You can check your account at www.ihg.com/rewards. Please let me know in case the points didn’t show up, and I’ll add it manually to your account.

I appreciate your Diamond Elite Ambassador loyalty, and I’m sorry if you had to get in touch with us to add these points. To make up for this, I have added 2,000 bonus points to your account. Your point balance now is 631,286 .

The missing points were posted to my account as an Ambassador Goodwill.


I don’t quite understand why IHG would send an email that I have earned 2,000 bonus points for the app promotion if they haven’t been posted to my account?

There was no indication in the email that these points would be deposited later, and I assume I am not the only person chasing them.

I always resolve any IHG-related issues by emailing ambassador@ihg.com, and the replies come in less than 24 hours.

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