IHG One Rewards “Straight To Diamond” Promo Experiences


IHG One Rewards launched a Straight to Diamond offer earlier this month (read more here) that allowed members to get instant Diamond status with a fast track to keep it through the end of 2023.

IHG hadn’t thought this promo out too well and suddenly withdrew it after many signed up for it. I have not heard anyone’s status downgraded, but many wonder if the fast-track part is still valid.

You can access IHG One Rewards here.

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If you haven’t signed up for InterContinental Ambassador (read about the current offer here), that is the easiest way to extend the Diamond status (status is automatically extended).

There appears to be an issue with tracking the offer when IHG retired the ability to sign up for it. As a result, the offer no longer shows in My Offers on the app or the website. However, this doesn’t mean that the offer would not be active.

A reader for confirmation of the offer sign up for the Ambassador Service Center:

And also through a chat:

Workaround from the reader:

1. Still be diamond.

2.The Offer not shown on website and lastest version of ihg andriod app.

3.Delete the app and downgrade version , the offer still visible.

4.Check with IHG agent chat and ambassador email , they can still see my registration.

There appears to be a way to get it to show on the app (you need to downgrade it):

IHG Straight To Diamond:

IHG One Rewards “Straight To Diamond” Offer & Fast Track To Keep It Through 2023

Gold & Platinum Fast Track:

IHG Email Reminder: “Reach Elite Status Faster”


My educated guess is that the offer IS valid for members who have signed up for it.

The easiest way to extend the Diamond without staying 10 nights is to sign up for the Ambassador program and pay $200 or use 40,000 points.

The reader had recently renewed the Ambassador, and this option was unavailable for them, so they decided to do the 10 nights instead.

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