IHG Website & App Functionality Coming Back Online


IHG app and website functionality have slowly come back after more than a 48-hour outage due to unauthorized third-party access to their systems (hack).

The website and app went down at 9 AM ET on Sunday, and they were briefly back online between 11 AM and 1 PM ET on Monday. The booking capacity started to return at 11:45 PM ET on Tuesday.

You can access IHG here.

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IHG One Rewards members should now be able to book, amend, and cancel reservations online.

The online account access and points balance were restored a few hours ago, but searching for hotels and making or amending existing bookings were unavailable then.

Outage Timeline:

  • Website and app went down at 9 PM ET on Sunday (September 4)
  • Website and app were briefly up between 11 AM and 1 PM ET on Monday (September 5)
  • IHG Releases a statement about the hack on Tuesday afternoon (September 6)
  • Website and app back online (booking functionality) at 11:30 PM ET on Tuesday

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I am sure that there will be a post-mortem at IHG’s end on what went wrong and how someone was able to penetrate their systems.

We should also soon learn if our private information was leaked to or accessed by outside third parties, as IHG must disclose this information promptly per European legislation.

Unfortunately, companies cannot secure their systems, and these hacks frequently occur.

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