Indonesia Lowers Quarantine/Warm Up Vacation To Three Days For Fully Vaccinated


Indonesia’s government on Wednesday published an updated circular regarding Covid-19 prevention measures and travel.

Fully vaccinated visitors/tourists with a booster need to quarantine for 72 (3X24) hours, fully vaccinated without a booster for 110 (5X24) hours, and those with one jab 168 (7X24) hours.

You can access Bali’s page for information here.

Remember that Indonesia only allows tourists to arrive in Bali, and even those need a visa. The visa-on-arrival is currently suspended but rumored to come back this month (read more here).

Also, those entering Bali can do the “quarantine” as a Warm Up Vacation that allows guests to roam specific areas of the hotels and not require spending the entire time locked up in their hotel rooms/suites, like those who enter through other parts of Indonesia.

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Helpful Infographic From Bali’s Tourism Board:


The Circular In Bahasa:

Download (PDF, 563KB)

Google Translation:

Download (PDF, 589KB)


These Warm Up Vacations won’t work as long as visitors are required to apply for visas using a local sponsor (hotels can likely facilitate this for cash), and how many want to be confined to a specific part of the hotel for three days?

The Visa-on-Arrival process is probably coming back soon, is far from smooth either. There were sometimes very long lines at the Bali airport, and handlers were selling access to the front of the line for cash, which they surely shared with the people working at the immigration counters.

We already saw how the Sandbox worked in Phuket that started in July last year. Eligible tourists were allowed to roam freely within the island after the result from the initial test conducted at the airport was processed. Unfortunately, the tourism numbers were nowhere near what was expected.

This is good news for those with ties to Indonesia or who are Indonesians or residents. It makes re-entering smoother, especially if you do it in Bali. I cannot imagine being in a small hotel room for three days in a row.

Tourists won’t return until the old regulations with visa-free entry are back with a maximum nose swab at the airport. Tourists simply don’t want any red tape.

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