Indonesia Welcomes Visitors With Arrival Test & No Quarantine


Indonesia has quickly tried to relax entry, testing, and quarantine requirements to attract more international visitors.

The country reconstituted Visa-on-Arrival earlier this month (read more here) and then added more nationals eligible for it (read more here).

Now, Indonesia has dropped up the follow-up test requirement, and fully vaccinated visitors are only required to wait for the result from a test performed at the airport at their hotel before freely going on their business.

Visitors to Bali are supposed to book CHSE certified accommodation for the duration of their stays.

Here’s the update in Bahasa:

Download (PDF, 17.26MB)

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Countries in Asia are quickly relaxing their entry requirements while trying to save their tourism industries.

I am actually going to Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, and Singapore for seven or so weeks in April and closely following the entry requirement changes.

Let’s hope that there aren’t new variants popping up.

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