ITA Airways & Korean Air Frequent Flier Partnership Effective November 9, 2022


ITA Airways (the new Alitalia) and SkyTeam announced more than a year ago (read more here) that they would join the alliance, but integration has been lacking.

A reader alerted that ITA Airways had a partnership page up for one airline, Korean Air, and Korean Air also has an agreement with ITA.

You can access ITA’s page for Korean Air here and Korean Air’s for Volare here.


ITA Airways Volare – Korean Air earning chart:

Korean Air SKYPASS – ITA Airways earning chart:

ITA Airways Coverage:

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It would be about time for ITA Airways and SkyTeam alliance airlines to have frequent flier agreements in place.

We have reported several times, based on reader emails and messages, that it is very challenging to get SkyTeam airlines to honor ITA Volare status (a primarily manual process).

I guess the delay with frequent flier agreements is partially due to the unclarity of who will own the airline.

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