Japan Launches “Visit Japan Web” That Incoming Passengers Must Use From November 14, 2022


Japan, which returned to previous entry restrictions earlier this month, has required incoming passengers to use the MySOS app to declare their vaccination or covid-test status that is about to change.

There is a new website called Visit Japan Web that passengers must use from November 14, 2022 (enabled on November 1).

You can access Visit Japan Web here and here.

The Visit Japan Web will include all three steps at the airport; quarantine (health check), immigration (no need to fill out a form), and customs (paper gone as well).

You declare this information on the Visit Japan Web and are then issued a QR code that you must show at various steps upon arrival.

Eligible Ports of Entry:

Visit Japan Web Steps:

Visit Japan Web Manual:

Download (PDF, 7MB)


The current MySOS app is clunky and sent me some false quarantine alerts after I entered Japan on October 1 (still here!).

It is good that they have decided to replace it with a more comprehensive solution dealing with immigration and customs forms. However, it is better to have all these included to save time and resources at the airport and ensure smoother entry.

You have to love these flowcharts that Japanese businesses and government appear to love.

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