Japan Plans To Remove Covid-19 Test Requirement, Raise Daily Arrivals Cap To 50,000 & Tours Without Guides?


There is some promising news coming out of Japan today, and there is likely an announcement by the government on Wednesday about some relaxation of entry requirements.

There has been chatter in Japanese media that tends to be almost always correct about these changes.

Note that these changes are not yet confirmed but widely reported by the Japanese press here, here, here, and here,

1. Pre-Departure Covid-19 Test Dropped

Japan intends to drop the pre-departure test requirement for those who have been triple vaccinated.

Many Japanese have found it very difficult to return home when infected with covid overseas.

You must remember that you can test positive on PCR-RT tests for several weeks or even months after you have had it (like in my case in 2020).

2. Daily Arrival Cap Raised From 20,000 to 50,000

Japan has also controlled the number of passengers allowed to return by limiting how many airlines can bring into the country daily.

3. Organized Tours Without Tour Guides

This part I have difficulty understanding. Japan wants to continue banning individual tourists but may allow organized tours without guides.

Recent Developments in Japan:


Tourists won’t come until they are allowed to roam freely. There cannot be many who are interested in organized tours with or without guides.

How can a tour operator who sells you a tour without a guide have an idea about your goings?

I can see some booking the cheapest tour available merely to get a visa (remember that all non-nationals still require a visa to enter) and then just book their own travel for intra-Japan, abandoning the “tour.”

Well. We should learn more about Japan’s slow reopening tomorrow.

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