Japan Reinstates Visa-Free Travel & Removes Daily Arrivals Cap On October 11, 2022


The Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Fumio Kishida, said in a speech in New York on Thursday that the country would again welcome tourists visa-free and remove the arrivals cap on October 11, 2022.

The country has mostly stayed closed for leisure visitors since March 2020, although a few tourists have been allowed to enter since June, first on guided tours and then on non-guided ones.

The demand for guided and non-guided tours has been abysmal, as visitors must apply for visas and arrange tours and accommodation through Japanese travel agencies.

Japan’s Reopening For International Visitors:


This was a long overdue decision by Japan’s Prime Minister, which will partly salvage the popular winter and sakura seasons.

The air capacity might become the next bottleneck, as airlines have cut flights to Japan because of the entry bans and longer flight times required to avoid the Russian airspace.

I had arranged a tourist visa through the ERFS system to enter Japan in October and will probably use it, as I am scheduled to arrive on October 10, a day before the visa requirement is abolished.

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