KLM CEO’s Turn To Send Apology Email


As we have seen a complete meltdown with many airlines and airports this summer, airline CEOs and boards have tried to put lipstick on a pig with apology emails that have filled out email inboxes.

We have previously heard from Delta, Lufthansa Group, Air Canada, and TAP, and now also from the CEO of KLM, which is likely the airline most affected by disruptions.

You can access KLM here.

KLM has been required by the airport to restrict the number of passengers it flies through its Schiphol hub. There have been days when no-Amsterdam originated passengers were allowed to enter due to congestion at the airport.

There have been long lines for security, passport control, airlines to get a gate, and bags loaded/unloaded.

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What should you do in case of lost & delayed luggage?

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Here’s the KLM email:


Part of the mess the airlines are in is due to layoffs they and airports executed during the height of the pandemic. Rehiring, getting clearances, and training take plenty of time, and many no longer want to work in this sector due to low pay and erratic work hours.

My advice for summer travel is to book direct flights preferably, try to bypass delay-prone airports altogether, and attempt to travel without checked luggage.

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