Malaysia May Reopen For International Tourists On March 1, 2022


Malaysia has been mostly closed for international tourism arrivals for close to two years. However, limited arrivals to its holiday island of Langkawi, quarantine-free, have been allowed since mid-November 2021.

Now, the National Recovery Council (NRC) has recommended that Malaysia’s government reopen the country’s border for international arrivals, quarantine-free but with PCR-RT tests, by March 1, 2022.

You can access the Malaysia Airlines web page for entry requirements here.

Passengers would need to have a negative PCR-RT test before traveling to the country and a second one after arrival.

However, the health minister has suggested that the country should not allow international visitors until they have a higher Covid-19 booster rate, while others would let business travelers in first.


Some were quick to report yesterday that Malaysia would reopen its borders to international travelers from March 1, 2022, but that is not the case, at least not yet.

The National Recovery Council had made this recommendation, and politicians must now map the country’s way out of the entry restrictions. Countries in Asia are opening up, and surely Malaysia doesn’t want to be coupled with China keeping its border closed.

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