Marriott Bonvoy Ends Food & Beverage Discount


Marriott Bonvoy has had a program at participating hotels and F&B outlets in Asia-Pacific that has allowed members to enjoy discounts and earn points for their expenses even when not staying at their hotels.

Marriott has quietly ended the discount program effective immediately (July 1, 2022) based on information that hotels have distributed to guests. website has been scrapped off all discount information. However, there is still one page where it is up (access here).

You can access Marriott Bonvoy here and Marriott Bonvoy Asia here.

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There is no word about possible discounts for program members on Marriott’s website for the Asia Pacific.

The discount on June 30, 2022:

The Discount in 2021:

Base & Silver


Platinum, Titanium & Ambassador

Two letters from Thailand that hotels have distributed to guests:

JW Marriott Phuket

Interestingly, JW Marriott Phuket states that Marriott would have communicated about the discount ending. However, that is NOT the case. Marriott has been 100% silent on this issue.

Marriott Marquis Bangkok Queens Park

Club Marriott

Marriott has a paid membership program for hotels in the Asia Pacific that usually comes with a free night certificate, 50% off dining, and other vouchers. Club Marriott members can get 20% to 30% off at participating F&B outlets.


It seems that Marriott-affiliated hotels, at least in Thailand, continue to offer a 10% discount for all Marriott Bonvoy members throughout 2022, but it is unclear if there will be any discounts offered in 2023.

When Marriott rolled out these F&B discounts for members, it must have affected the sign-ups for the paid Club Marriott program in the area.

Club Marriott can make a lot of sense for members who mainly frequent Marriott properties in the region and spend a considerable amount of money on F&B expenses, which would be discounted under this program.

I have used the Marriott’s discount a few times. However, it has mainly “erased” the sales tax and service charge.

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