Marriott Bonvoy Is Now Correcting Missing Elite Nights But Some Balances Might Still Be Incorrect


Over the past month we have reported about Marriott elite nights suddenly disappearing from accounts for unknown reasons and that Marriott couldn’t explain how that happened.

We received several emails from our readers who reported that some of their tier eligible nights started to disappear from their annual total count and even prior to that I noticed that a few days after my 50 Night Elite Choice, suddenly three nights disappeared from my tally.

This was definitely one of the weirder things I’ve seen Marriott do over the years and nobody was so far able to explain why it happened, how the nights would be fixed or how they’re planning to prevent this from happening in the future.

To remind everyone, once I discovered I had nights missing as well I contacted Bonvoy Customer Care to research the matter:

Update On Disappearing Marriott Elite Nights Following Complaint To Bonvoy Customer Care

It was very obvious to me because not only do I keep detailed track of my account movements but because I had to choose the 50-night Elite Choice I specifically checked the number of nights that were in the account at the time (51 at the time I picked the 5 extra nights) and 56 after.

Then it dropped to 53 for no reason at all:

I haven’t heard back from Marriott ever since I wrote about me filing the complaint in the article on May 7 so that’s now been two weeks.

In the meanwhile, I had two more stays, one at the W Seattle and one at the Marriott Victoria.

Today I logged in and saw that the count first went up to 58 … ok, that’s progress but not the entire sum of the missing nights yet.

I just checked again and the counter now shows 60 nights which is in line with what it should be:

The most recent message I then received this afternoon was this:

Good Day,

Thank you for reaching out to Marriott Bonvoy® regarding the posting of the Q1 Global Promotion nights and points. 

You are currently at 58 nights for this year.  All bonus points and nights have been credited to your account.  The stay in Seattle has also been posted to your account.   Hotels have 10 business days to post a stay before we can manually post it.

If you have additional questions, please reply to this email or contact Marriott Bonvoy® Customer Care at 1-800-627-7468 or 1-800-721-7033.

Thank you for being a valued member of Marriott Bonvoy®.

The messaging from Marriott is getting more and more mixed and confusing. I didn’t contact them regarding the Q1 promotion which can be easily tracked. I contacted them regarding suddenly missing three nights.

From what it appears it has now been corrected and my account shows 60 nights which together with the two recent stays is accurate as per my calculation.


Marriott appears to now fix the accounts affected by the sudden drop in elite nights – at least those accounts that filed a complaint. The number shifted several times during this “investigation” and I hope other members have a similar success getting their accounts rectified.

There was still no explanation or an apology from Marriott for how this happened. It’s one of these mysteries of an alternate Marriott universe and I’m not sure they even know themselves. One thing is for sure it was widespread and they just now did get around to fixing the first accounts.

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