Marriott Bonvoy Lifetime Journey Website With Stats + Claim Gift (Show Your Stats!)


Marriott Bonvoy has launched a dedicated website for lifetime Platinum and Titanium members who can take a walk on memory lane and have a look at their lifetime status + collect a gift.

The website shows the number of points you earned from 2006, and the hotel brands/visits are based on the properties still part of the system (remember that many exits every year).

You check your stats and claim a gift here.

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Video from CEO:

Lifetime Stats (Legacy Marriott Rewards Account)

I get that Renaissance brand because I used to stay a lot (hundreds of nights) at the Renaissance LAX. There also used to be a Renaissance hotel at the Hollywood and Highland complex (now Loews) that was my favorite hotel for the EEO certs (second night free). Finally, there is the Sao Paulo Renaissance, where I have also spent a few months in the past 20 years.

But I don’t get that Courtyard brand with 40 stays. It is likely true, but it just proves how unexciting most of them are (by default).

Lifetime Stats (Legacy SPG Account)

Yes. I have had quite a few stays at the Sheraton, Le Meridien, and Westin brands, and the cities look roughly correct.

Helsinki on the fourth spot cannot be correct unless my stays at the Kamp Hotel are also counted in (previously part of Luxury Collection), now part of Luxury Hotels of the World.

Lifetime Titanium Gift

Give me points or a free night certificate. I have no use for another set of luggage tags!

Most Redeemed Hotels

Then there is an exciting map where you can find the cities where people mostly redeem (no surprises). I find it more interesting what hotels have the highest number of awards redeemed. These are BIG hotels with many rooms (I would advise redeeming somewhere else – redemption fatigue).

The United States & Canada

Caribbean & Latin America


Middle East & Africa

Asia Pacific

Greater China


It would have been nicer to dig deeper and SHOW the cities and hotels where I have stayed over the years with both Marriott and SPG (btw I never merged my accounts – it was never a requirement).

My engagement with Marriott and Bonvoy is way down, and I am glad they have no requalification hurdles.

The small print on the bottom of the website:

*Your Lifetime points earned as shown on this site reflects total points earned from 2006 to the present. Your Lifetime points redeemed as shown on this site reflect total points redeemed from 2007 to the present.

**The Lifetime Titanium community data on this site is based on properties that are currently within the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio. The Top 20 Cities and Top 20 Properties Redeemed per region are based on number of stays with a redemption room night(s) attached, dating back to 2012. Should two or more cities and/or properties be tied for number of stays with a redemption room night(s) attached, ranking is then based on redeemed room nights. The number of Marriott Bonvoy Moments redeemed is a reflection of total Moments packages redeemed by Lifetime Titanium members from 2019 to the present. The highest points redemption since 2019 for a Marriott Bonvoy Moment by a Lifetime Titanium member is shown on this site.

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