Marriott Bonvoy Points To Miles Conversion Bonus Ends With Three Airlines October 31, 2022


Marriott ends its points-to-miles conversion bonus with three airline partners on October 31, 2022.

Bonvoy members who convert 60,000 points to airline miles have received 5,000 bonus miles with each partner. Ths means that instead of 20,000 miles, conversions done in the chunks of 60,000 points have resulted in 25,000 miles instead.

You can access Marriott’s page for airline partners here.

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The conversion bonus ends with the following partners:

1. American Airlines

2. Avianca

3. Delta Air Lines

Marriott Conversion Bonus

You can convert points to miles at a 3:1 ratio with most airlines. When you convert 60,000 points, Marriott has bonused these conversions with 5,000 bonus miles (a total of 25,000 miles per 60,000 points).

Marriott Airline Partners

Marriott Email To AAdvantage Members:

Should we be afraid of these future “enhancements” that Marriott is hinting about with its global airline program?


Marriott Rewards used to have a great redemption option called Travel Packages that allowed you to redeem a reasonable number of points (270,000) for a week in a hotel combined with 120,000 airline miles.

These were first devalued after the program merger with SPG and then killed off altogether.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this award option were soon significantly “enhanced” and moved to other than a 3:1 conversion ratio (Hilton has 10:1).

Marriott Bonvoy has only informed about bonus discontinuance members that have converted to three airlines.

We have confirmed with a Marriott spokesperson that this change only affects (for now) these three partners.

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